What are the pillars of a great SEO process campaign?

The world of SEO and digital marketing in general is always changing. That’s why you need to keep learning and be up-to-date with the latest changes and trends. In this blog, we discuss the SEO process and tips that will take your business to the next level.

What’s important here is understanding how SEO really works, how you can cater to Google and other similar search engines, and what results you can expect. With that in mind, here are some SEO process and tips that every business needs to know.

Content Baker: New, fresh and quality content as often as possible

Google has made it clear: it will reward top quality blog posts and websites, and penalize duplicate content, keyword stuffing, and spam.

So, fresh, relevant, and quality content are a must if you are thinking of having a large audience and more potential customers to your website.

It can also be used to showcase your expertise in any field you want. On top of that, it ranks better on Google, so you will be getting more exposure for months and years to come. Yes, creating new content all the time is pivotal for digital marketing and it certainly helps with your SEO.

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Use long tail keywords

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Nowadays users search Google and other search engines for most things using longer keywords, instead of shorter ones, often in the form of questions or how-to dos.

As a result, you can expect long tail keywords to be a lot more popular (and less competitive) when compared to shorter keywords. The best thing that you can do is to do some keyword research (this is the basic and the first step in the SEO process), and see what LSI keywords are searched more often and then go from there.

Optimize for featured snippets

Google provides these short answers known as featured snippets at the top of a search inquiry, especially for questions. The idea here is to offer short, simple answers that are very valuable to the searcher. This gives the visitor a preview of your web content as well as a brief answer to their questions. It will help with your search engine ranking, and guess what, most people click on your site anyway because they believe your content is valuable.

Build backlinks

Backlinks are at the backbone of most search engines like Google and one of the important part of the SEO process. The idea here is that you want to create amazing content that people will link to. You can also contact various websites to link back to your website too, if you find that your content is relevant to what they’re posting about. However, keep in mind that links need to come from reputable, authoritative websites if you want to rank higher up search engines.

Focus on visuals

One of the top things to focus on if you want great SEO results is to add some useful visuals to effectively illustrate your content. The reason is simple, visuals will bring in more people and they will help you rank higher too. In addition, videos, images, graphs, and infographics, will help add value to your content.

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Use SEO tools to your advantage

SEO tools can help you save a lot of time and money. The most popular and free keyword research tools you can use include: Moz, KISSmetrics, Answer the public, Google Analytics, QuickSprout, Ubersuggests, CrazyEgg and just about any SEO tool you deem useful. Many of these will give you access to customer data, where you can do keyword research, see useful metrics like keyword difficulty (also known as keyword competition), optimize your marketing campaign and so on. There are SEO tools for just about anything you need – just initiate a search and you will have no problem finding one for you.

Voice search optimization​

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More and more platforms support voice search nowadays. People find it convenient too, because they don’t even have to type anything. It’s important to optimize your content for voice search, as this is continuing to be a growing trend for search engines in 2020 and beyond. However, this also means you need to optimize for specific keywords and that can be extremely important to keep in mind. If you optimize for voice search quickly, you will increase your site visits and potential conversions, and the overall ROI will be second to none.

Remember to focus on keyword localization

It’s a good idea to integrate some local keywords into your searches because you need to cater to customers living around the area too. Local search is important because you want to showcase how your business offers value to people within that geographic area. Create a Google My Business listing, include localized information in your meta description, headers, title tags and so on. Also, you need to include reviews and don’t hesitate to add as many related images as you can.

In Conclusion:

We recommend you use these tips if you want to boost your SEO. It all comes down to improving your website while also having a more customer-focused approach. Backlinks, more focus on keyword research and visuals can also help a lot. Of course, you also need to experiment until you find the right approach, but if you do this right the results can be incredible. Take that into consideration and improve your SEO approach today, you will be more than happy with the results!

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