How to Advertise Your Business During Covid-19

With the unexpected event of covid-19 in 2020, the global economy and society as a whole has changed. Now, it’s become more important than ever for brands and businesses to adapt to and keep up with the changing work landscape. Not only must we adjust to a ‘new normal’, but we must also find a way to keep our businesses afloat and relevant. 

That being said, not all is lost if we keep up with the times and play our cards right. Here are some ways on how to advertise your business during covid-19.

Leverage Digital Marketing Channels

In today’s world, people are staying home and going online more often than usual. This new landscape brings a new work-from-home environment. With remote work and online learning the norm, you need to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly – use digital and social media to your advantage. 

Now’s a better time than ever to advertise your business on video marketing, social media marketing, and other digital marketing channels. Also, take advantage of PPCs – paid ads on Google and social media – as explained in this article. As screen times increase, people are much more proactive online and likely to click on any eye-catching, paid ads that they see. Keep in mind though: stick to a consistent posting schedule of just a few times a week, and keep messages short and sweet.  

Adjust your Marketing Campaign and Message

As businesses around the world go online, you need to be aware of changing consumer tastes and needs. In this new age of uncertainty, you need to tailor your marketing message to address the current global situation. Deliver short but clear messages of what your business is doing to enforce social distancing measures, and how it is practicing proper sanitization practices. Show your customers that your business cares. In these times, there is no such thing as too little social responsibility.

Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to include a few covid-19 related marketing messages to your campaign. For example, including social media images with the hashtags, #stayathome, #socialdistancing, and #flattenthecurve, along with a descriptive and attention-grabbing caption, is not a bad idea. Alert your audience on why it’s so important to stay safe during the pandemic.

Connect and communicate with your customers on social media

As well as informing your customers on how your business is helping to fight covid-19, it’s equally as important for you to keep in touch with your customers. Constantly and clearly communicate with your customers by letting them know your business is still here for them in times on need. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is the way to go in engaging your customers and in joining the conversation.

You can also use social media tools to let your customers know more about new changes your company has made, and what else they’re doing to stop the spread. The main goal is to stay connected with your customers, and to build and maintain a sense of community with them.

social media engagement icons

Be hopeful and positive but not insensitive

Last but definitely not least, remember to stay positive with your marketing messages. Reassure your customers that they’re not alone in the lockdown. Remind them that everyone – your business and employees included, is fighting this pandemic together. Give them hope that, with time and patience, everyone will come out of this together. 

However, don’t downplay the gravity of the situation in any way. Remind them that covid-19 is an ongoing problem, and that everyone needs to take the necessary steps to defeat the virus. In difficult times, hope, optimism, awareness, and a few extra precautions go a long way in overcoming a crisis.  


There is no doubt that covid-19 is a tough time for everyone. It has disrupted businesses, travel, and the way we live, to say the least. But don’t give up hope. With difficult times comes new challenges and opportunities to grow. Keep your customers engaged, informed, and reassured, and let them know that your business is here for them in these unprecedented times.

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